Have you ever dreamed about trying to make an icebath after all icebucket challenges on YouTube? Heared a lot of Wim Hof method or cryotherapy in liquid nitrogen? 

Take advantage of all of the health benefits, learn how your body responds to cold water by a military mountain guide and a cold weather specialist who has done this with hundreds of people the last decades. 

Here you can feel completely safe and comfortable with professional guidance every step of the way. 

Afterwards in the siberian sauna tent you will feel the reward and you have increased your survival chances a lot if you fall into ice cold water. 

When: Every day from October – May. On request
Price/person: 1495 SEK/person
What’s included: Transfer (we pick you up in central Jokkmokk, and drive to our Aurora Igloohotel, where the activites takes place.
Warm beverages
Ice bath
Snow bath

Place: The activity takes place at Aurora Igloo Hotel, but we pick you up at your location in central Jokkmokk
Payment: Card via payment link in Smartphone
What do I need: Warm down jacket and isolation pants, extra clothing if anything gets wet. Something to wear in the ice bath.
Book: Call 070-376 40 32

How do we minimize covid-19 risk?

We are totally alone with the group on the lake.
Everybody had there on towels and personal clothing.
We are using sanitizers after each group.