Follow Northern Panorama, into the world of Astrophotography and Northern Lights photography. We will drive into vast and wild areas west of Jokkmokk, Europes largest area with Bortle class 1 night skies – night skies not affected by light pollution!

Image: Northern Lights, The Orion Nebula M42, and The North America Nebula NGC 7000 photographed from the dark skies west of Jokkmokk

We start before dusk, and then drive into this area with magnificient night skies! There will be great opportunities to see moose and reindeer during the drive. After about 45 minutes, we stop and turn of the cars engine and headlight. If it’s clear weather, the sky will opens over your heads when your eyes has adapted, and if you never have experience a starry sky like this, it will be an overwhelming experience!

The bortle scale: A scale that gives an approximation of light pollution. 1 is an unaffected night sky and 9 is the night sky you can experience from a light polluted innercity.

The Bortle Scale

The guide will tell you about the starry sky and deep sky objects. With clear weather, you will probably be able to spot the Andromeda galaxy at a distance of 2,5 million lightyears. And our own galaxy, the Milky Way, will extend like a fuzzy band over the night sky. The small open starcluster Pleiades M45 will sparkle like a beautiful diamond.

The large area west of Jokkmokk with bortle class 1 and 2 night skies! Largest cohesive area in Europe!

There will also be good opportunities to see the magical Aurora Borealis, the Northern Light. The Northern Light have inspired some of the most dramatic tales in Nordic mythology and the Vikings believed that it was earthly manifestations of their gods. In the Sámi culture the Northern Light did not tell story about heroism, but instead it thought to be the souls of the dead.

You will get an insight into the challenges of more advanced astrophotography, but also learn how to catch ”the Aurora” with your camera!

We will also ”Fika” in a traditional swedish way with coffee/the and some pastry!

Follow Northern Panorama on YouTube to learn more about Arctic Astrophotography

When: On request
Duration of activity: 3-4 hours
Time: On request
What’s included: Guide and storytelling, Knowledge how to catch Aurora and insights in astrophotography, Swedish Fika, transport by car, Face mask, pick-up by car in central Jokkmokk by appointment, two tripods available, images from the trip
What you need: Warm clothes, Camera
Payment: Swish, Paypal or Card (via Paypal-link)
Participants: 1-3
Price per person: 1995 SEK/person
Booking: Send a booking request to After confirmation you can choose to pay with Swish or via Paypal-link (paypal or card)

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I can’t guarantee the weather, nor the Aurora to show up, but I can guarantee a lot of nerdy storytelling and a great experience!

Prepare your self? At you can learn some basics about astrophotography, starscape photography and northern lights photography!

What I do to minimize risk?

Only company/partners. (No mixture from different companies). We wear face mask in the car, access to hand alcohol in the car