No matter where you are or to whom you may speak in Lapland, moose are always the number one subject when people talk to each other. ” I drove 2300 km and I did not see 1 moose” is something we hear every day! That is why a moose safari is a good option to spot them and see more from the beautiful region as well.

Follow us on a private tour where we take you towards the mountains to try and spot Sarek moose on our way. A beautiful road, with lots of stunning views. We will try to discover other wild animals as well. Hopefully we will see the snowy white grouse, siberian jay, foxes, mountain hare and reindeer.

During the midwinter period you will be dazzled by the beautiful colours in the sky. The sun at its lowest point will give us pink, violet and blue skies. You decide when you want to make pictures as if you where driving yourself.
Perfect tour for couples, seniors and those who do not wish to join groups.

Halfway we will take a small detour and have a nice lunch break.

Due to the Covid pandemic we adapted all tours to minimize the risk of Corona.

  • All tours are private tours.
  • The number of persons in a group activity is maximum 3 including the guide.

Please bring your own face mask if you wish to use one.

Off course we keep distance from each other and you stay at home if you show any symptoms.